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Meet the Doctors at Family Chiropractic

Dr. Sam Vassallo

Watertown chiropractor Dr. Sam VassalloIt all started with my father having a long history of back and hip pain. It seemed every time he addressed these issues with his family doctor the only thing that came from it was a new prescription medication and its “just arthritis”. We had heard from many acquaintances that my father should consider giving chiropractic a try. Being a new concept to our family we addressed it with our family doctor and much to my surprise he was completely against the idea without any reason. I found his reaction to a simple question to be unprofessional and what if Chiropractic care could help, shouldn’t he be looking in my fathers’ best interest?

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Dr. Mandy Vassallo

Watertown chiropractor Dr. Mandy VassalloI was diagnosed with a severe scoliosis (curvature of the spine), in gym class. I was immediately referred for an orthopedic consult. I was told that I would need spinal surgery to insert Harrington Rods (metal rods inserted on both sides of my spine) to stop the progression of my curvature. Instead of risky surgery, my parents took me to the chiropractor for help. My family decided that conservative chiropractic treatment was the way to go. I visited the chiropractor’s office regularly and by the time I turned 12, I had no evidence of a curve anymore, without spinal surgery!

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